The Angel Watching Over Me Foundation recently participated in Olsen Middle School’s first annual Mother Daughter Tea Party, in March 2017. Several young female students from the school were excited to be in attendance of this event. In order to help build these young future female leaders’ self esteem we took their Tea Party to the next level. We had the girls sign up for a fashion show where AWOM supplied donated clothes for over 50 participants, had stylists on hand, hair and makeup artists, a photographer, a videographer, a DJ, a step and repeat, and 150 gift bags from Saks Fifth Avenue. Providing these young women with all of this alone really influenced the way they view themselves and made them feel special for that day, although the point being made was that being beautiful on the outside only goes so far.

       This event was so touching after many female leaders, including founder Sarah Akiba, spoke on their middle school experience. Touching on subjects such as low self esteem, bullying, and violence. This gave the students a chance to open up about their experiences uniting all of the girls in the room. From this event, AWOM Girls Club came about. Where every friday we host a lunch for 6-8th grade girls to touch on these subjects and bring in new speakers and activities.